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Electrical Design

FeedForward control systems are more than hardware and software. We provide complete designs for equipment enclosures tailored for their target environments. From experience gained by years of successful installations our panels meet customer requirements. Control System security begins with hardware designed, shop tested and fitted for harsh surroundings, power losses and multi-system compatibility. That is why our control cabinets are 100% tested in our shop before they are shipped to your plant.

HMI Design

Object oriented design is just the beginning for each Operator Interface built by FeedForward. Today's applications require the most capable fusion of graphics, trending, alarming, and reporting. Your new FeedForward-provided HMI is built from the best industrial practices: ISA88 Batch Control, ISA18.2 alarm standards, ASM (Anomalous Systems Management) and High Performance Graphics standards, to name a few.

System IT

Cyber security and the movement of data in company networks from the Controls network to the corporate IT network environment is becoming more necessary and critical every day. With the merge of IT/OT environments in various corporations, FeedForward can now offer assistance, recommendations and consulting in addition on your proposals. Our firewall solutions can be custom designed for the control systems to send control data streams to various devices outside of the controls network. 

Functional Specifications
Control system configuration and testing requires clear, concise and accurate documentation of the requirements. FeedForward follows IEEE and ISA standards as the basis for our own tested documentation procedures to verify each phase and validate the completed design. FeedForward Functional Specifications are delivered early in a project and after receiving customer approval, guide the subsequent project phases.
Control Systems Engineering
FeedForward's deep pool of experience includes engineers who helped develop modern Distributed Controls Systems. Our 26 employees include industry experts, Professional Engineers, Certified Automation Professionals and individuals with expertise certificates in multiple control system platforms. This experience allows us to meet customer requirements for successful automation projects every time.
Factory Testing
FeedForward performs a software and hardware factory test on each and every control system project. We consider this fully integrated testing critical to meeting customer requirements and project success. On full scope projects, we set up and stage the controllers and workstations and connections to subsystem controllers. The hardware and software is thoroughly tested to prove the requirements in the functional specification are met.